Beta Testing Begins

Just in time for the new year Frozen Event has just switched from alpha testing to beta testing. This is a really big thing for me, as I have spent the last few months working hard trying to get everything in place, and so I’m kinda excited. I have been pretty quiet for the last few months, but a lot has been happening, most of it pretty boring! I have been getting the company set up (in a legal sense, registering with companies house, getting the accounting in place, registering with the tax man and so on), running more alpha tests on what works and what doesn’t, and getting some legal stuff in place, meaning I now have terms and conditions, and a privacy policy up on the website. All very boring (both for you and especially for me). That is why I’m so excited by the stuff that’s coming up soon, because it’s way more interesting.

I just deployed the latest update to the website, which officially marks the transition from the Alpha version of Frozen Event to the Beta. I have to say the Alpha was a resounding success. Firstly, and most importantly it flushed out a few bugs, that have now been fixed. Secondly it was a resounding success in terms of proving the business model. In fact I have made an operational profit each and every month since I registered the company! For a long time I have been telling my friends that a good idea should be able to be profitable very quickly, so the fact that I can now stand by my words is making me smile from ear to ear! To be honest, I haven’t exactly made much profit (and then all of it and more got invested in building some more infrastructure) but still its left me with a stupid grin on my face. The best bit by far was having Christmas drinks with the London based photographers who were taking part of the alpha tests, and being able to hand them over quite nice chunky cheques. That was very awesome! I have more cheques to write out to them just as soon as the month ends as well.

So now I can start to look forward to the Beta Test. There is room for a load more photographers, and I am going to be slowly rolling out a load of new features on the website. I’m not going to tell you about the new features just yet – but I sure you will find them as cool as I do. So head on over to the beta test page, and help me get started.

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