Use A Facebook Page to Share Photos

We all know there after going to a dance competition, and taking several hundred awesome photos of the competitors it’s really important that the dancers get to see the photos. Facebook is an great way of doing this. Once the photos are on Facebook its super easy to tag people so they see the photos. Most of the time the dancers will tag each other,  so you don’t have to do even that bit – how cool is that? But should you upload the pictures using your regular Facebook account, or a Facebook Page?

The simple answer is that you really should be using a Page. Why?

Well, the first, and perhaps most important reason is that that is how Facebook want you to do it. That might not sound like a great reason to you, but you have to remember that with anything Facebook related, they get to make the rules. Facebook do have a history of changing the rules from time to time, and the best way to stay clear of trouble is to do things the way they want you to.

That aside, there are a few other reasons why its better to post photos as a page, rather than as your personal account:

  • You can keep friends and fans separate. By using a Page you photo fans can follow your photos without getting all your personal updates. Just because someone wants to see your photos, doesn’t mean they want updates about your holidays.
  • There is no limit on the number of fans. Facebook limits the number of friends you can have, but doesn’t place a limit on how many fans your page can have. If you post photos as your regular account there will always be a limit on how many people can see your photos.
  • You get better data. Facebook pages come with some pretty nifty “insights” on how popular your photos are. Things like how often they have been shared and how viral they are. This gives you great information on which photos are most popular. You can use that to work out which style of photos you should work on getting better at.

Creating a page is really easy. Just go to the Facebook page creator, and follow the steps. Before you know it you will have your very own page, and can start adding fans.

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