Dance Photography All The Way

I’ve decided to refocus Frozen Event on latin and ballroom dancing

When I started Frozen Event, I had a vision in mind. To build an easy way for photographers at a dance competition to sell their photos after the comp. I’ve been to many comps as a photographer, and to many more as a dancer. I realised two things: As a photographer it’s really tough to show dancers the photos, while offering a high quality way of selling the images, and as a dancer I’m always annoying not being able to find any photos. Frozen Event grew out of this frustration, and was am attempt to close this gap between photographers and dancers.

I figured that if this is a problem with dance competitions, it must be a problem with many other sorts of events. What I found though was that despite success with a few other types of events (like remote control car racing), dance competition were by far the biggest success story of Frozen Event.

So I have now decided to explicitly focus on my roots. From now on Frozen Event will be purely for dance photographers and dancers. My goal is to make Frozen Event the number one site competition photos.

Please help me out and show your support by heading over to the Frozen Event Facebook Page and liking it. Thanks

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