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Photo viewing stats – What do photographers need to know?

So I’m sitting here, with the source code for Frozen Event in front of me. I have managed to set aside some time to do some programming for the first time in a while. I’m working on creating a better interface for you photographers. The current one sucks pretty badly. The only way to upload photos is to ship them to me, typically on a USB key, and they only way to know if you have sold any photos is to ping me on MSN or Facebook and ask me.

The first couple of things are pretty obvious. You want to upload your photos yourself, you want to know if you have sold any photos, which photos, and how much money you are going to be getting. Fine I can do that. I think there is more that is useful to know though…

As a photographer, I want to know something about my collection of photos that will help me. I want to know what photos are getting looked at most, how often, and other similar things like that. There is an issue though. There is a lot of data I can dig out of my database (whenever someone looks at a photo or an event I am tracking when they looked at it – and where they came from). I can work out trends, what photos are popular now compared to last week, last month, even last year (once I have that much data). Some of this data I can get easily, and some of it takes a bit more work. Work for me in creating the code, and then work for the server every time it has to compute it. Some of this data is actually useful, and some of it is fun to look at, but ultimately not very useful.

So the question that is going to be in my mind for the next few days is going to be what data is useful. What do photographers find useful. What data can tell them what they are doing right, and what is not working for them. If you have any thoughts please let me know