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Sell photos in US Dollars, UK Pounds, and Euros

Photo Credit: 401K

One of the great things about running a beta test for an online service, like FrozenEvent is the chance to get user Feedback. In my first push for users I reached out and made contact with quite a lot of people interested in FrozenEvent, and started a conversation with them. It soon became clear that one feature was in demand so much, that requests for it were swamping all other requests.

That feature is to do with the fact that you guys are all over the place. I mean geographically. Selling photos in UK Pounds is great for those of you who are based in the UK, but terrible for the rest of you. By far my number one request was to sell photos in US Dollars, and the number two request, was to be able to sell them in Euros.

So I set to to work getting that feature added into the code. It was a little bit harder than I would have liked, but now its working, and has been tested, and so the good news, is that as of now, you can choose to sell photos in UK Pounds, US Dollars or Euros.

So if you have been waiting for multiple currencies to sign up, now is a great time to go ahead and start selling photos.