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What is the best price for a photo?

I just saw this post over on Pixiq about how much should you charge for a photograph. Naturally this is a really relevant topic here at Frozen Event.

While we let photographers choose their own prices, a number of our photographers have asked for advice on this exact question. They are asking for something more specific to their situation than “Your photo is worth only as much as someone is prepared to pay for it”. While that is the right answer the question – it does tend to lead the follow on question “what is someone prepared to pay for your photo?”

So I thought it might be useful to see examples of photos for sale, and what photographers are charging for those photos on Frozen Event.

The first type of event we started selling photos for was student dance competitions. You can see some examples here, here, and here. For this photos the target market consists of university students who don’t have much disposable income. After some trial and error with a few photographers, we discovered that the ideal price for small and large digital images is 99p and £1.79 respectively (that’s about $1.50 and $3). Not a huge amount, but when you consider there can be up to a thousand students at a single competition, it doesn’t work out too bad for the photographer.

As a second example, this album is selling photos for a theatre production. Here the photographer charged the same prices, and sold photos, but the small number of people interested in buying photos (basically just the cast) means it wasn’t so feasible. Next time I would suggest a higher price, to find out if they still sell.

Finally, this set of photos was taken for a dance show held the London Erotica Festival (NSFW). The prices were higher this time, at £2 and £3 for small and large photos (about $2.15 and $4.75), and again they sold. This time I personally thought the prices were way too low, and they would have sold just as well at a higher price.

This is just a sample of the prices we have tried here, and we are a long way from yet being able to answer the question of what people are prepared to pay for a photo. To my mind, the answer is that people are probably willing to pay more than you think.

Do you have an opinion on photo pricing? Let me know in the comments!